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We do social science iteratively and efficiently.

We routinely hear the statement: This is not rocket science – we can handle it on our own.

And we agree, it is not rocket science. It involves the study of humans, which is much more complex than the highly predictable science of rocketry.

At SoundRocket, we develop and deliver innovative, science-guided survey methodology practices and services to the global community of social science researchers and those who rely upon such research.

Our work is targeted and rigorous.

Whether you’re a researcher seeking high-quality support for your survey implementation, a higher education administrator looking to improve students’ lives, or a regulatory professional preparing submissions to the FDA, our goal is the same: to support the design and execution of high-quality, sustainable, and defensible research.

Our purpose:

To propel social science forward for the greater good

Our mission:

Develop and deliver innovative, science-guided survey methodology practices and services to the global community of social science researchers.

We’ve built a highly collaborative, diverse team of experts

From ace programmers and data collection specialists to masters in the field of survey methodology, our employees span a wide geography and decades of experience in topics that are relevant for your studies.

Scott D. Crawford

Scott D. Crawford

Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Founder and Chief Vision Officer with a passion for the design and implementation of social research, the use of technology in research, and building a team to solve shared research problems.

Joshua R. Patterson, PhD

Research Director

Research Director in our Higher Education Studies group taking the lead in growing this business unit that holds our multi-institutional studies, campus climate studies, and a variety of other college student topical studies.

Rob Young

Research Operations Manager

Research Operations Manager serving internal SoundRocket customers with survey specification/programming/testing, sampling, data collection/processing, and reporting services.

Jill Furnival, MSc, CCGC

Science Writer & Genetic Counselor

Science Writer & Genetic Counselor who oversees communications & social media strategy and provides strategic support for regulatory compliance (user comprehension) studies & social impact of genetics research.

Angela Baker, M.S.

Survey Manager & Lead Study Coordinator

Survey Manager & Lead Study Coordinator providing leadership in higher education school studies and working with a variety of SoundRocket studies and collaborators.

Jillian Hunsanger

Research Analyst

Research Analyst working in the Operations unit on questionnaire design, web survey testing, data processing & analysis, reporting, and occasional special strategic projects.



Mike Craig

Senior Application Developer

Senior Application Developer leading custom desktop and web-based solutions to support the SoundRocket mission.

Sophia Bradley

Research Assistant & School Coordinator

Research Assistant and School Coordinator working on a variety of collaborator-focused projects in higher education and the social impacts of genetic testing.

Branden Knorr

Research Assistant

Research Assistant working on a variety of operations-focused projects.

Heather Andrighetti - MSc, CGC, CCGC

Genetic Counselor

Genetic Counselor with a role in our research unit focused on regulatory and social aspects of genetic testing.

Selected Collaborators


An Origin Story

Read the story of Scott’s passion for high-quality social science research with love for business that he discovered with a paper delivery route he held as a child, allowing him to think differently to solve real problems.  Read the full origin story…


Survey Sciences Group, LLC (SSG) is Formed Founded in August of 2004, this original company brought survey methodology, survey quality, and a strong respect for the scientific method to the field of academic researchers, mostly in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Being flexible, we grew fast and became the experts in web-based survey methodology and implementation.


SSG conducted its first primary data collection—the University of Michigan Student Life Survey.


SSG collaborated with the National Study of Living-Learning Programs and the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership on its first two multi-institutional studies in the higher education space.


SSG was awarded its first United States federal contract to assist the National Science Foundation in studying how to best count Postdoctoral Scholars in the US.


SSG moves from its downtown Ann Arbor office to a location on the south side of Ann Arbor. The new office provided ample parking and easy access for our local customers to our office.


SoundRocket Rebranding After 10 years of doing business as Survey Sciences Group, LLC, we began a process to uncover our brand character—and found a better way to express who we are and what we do. Read more about our rebranding in our origin story.


SoundRocket launched a collaborative study with researchers at Harvard University called the pGen Study—a survey designed to help scientists understand how people were using early developed personal genetic testing products. This initial study has led us to a depth of experience studying the social impacts of genetic testing for a variety of customers.


SoundRocket collaborated with the University of Michigan to conduct a Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct; then later a Climate Survey for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. This collaboration has led to the development of a nationally available service for higher education institutions who want to survey their students, faculty or staff on these important topics.


The Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership passes the 400 participating institution mark with over a decade of data collections.


SoundRocket enters the US Food & Drug Administration regulatory space by supporting researchers and companies looking to demonstrate the efficacy of their genetic health risk tests. SoundRocket became the go-to source for user comprehension, label comprehension, and other related user experience studies—it turns out our attention to quality is a good match for the regulatory industry.


When the COVID-19 pandemic began forcing companies to close their physical doors in March 2020, SoundRocket packed up their belongings and made the move to a home / virtual work environment a permanent change

The Future

We remain committed to high quality social science research support—with a specialty in innovative data collection technologies, and substantive expertise in higher education, regulatory, genetics, alcohol and other drug use, and mental health.

Work With Us

Interested in becoming a part of our growing team? Visit our Careers page to view our open positions and learn more about the hiring process.

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