How We Do It

How we do it

Take advantage of our expertise in study design, questionnaire design, sample design, sampling, survey development & testing, survey methodology, qualitative research methods (cognitive interview, focus groups, etc.), data collection (all modes and methods), and data reporting for your next research endeavor.

Study Design

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of social sciences is the design of the study itself. Do you need a cross-sectional study with a single mode of data collection; or does your research warrant a longitudinal design with multiple experimental design conditions. We can handle the simple and complex. Often this design work is involved as our collaborators build their proposal for funding—an effort we can engage in limited ways without incurring cost, or as a full partner if paid.

Probability Sampling

The probability sample, where everyone selected to participate in a study has a known probability of selection, is at the core of the social sciences. Today, we find the field messy with non-probability samples being used more often. This can work sometimes, however, care must be taken to determine what the impact of a non-probability sample may be on your study.

Questionnaire Design

From expert reviews designed to alert you of potential questionnaire design issues to full fledged questionnaire design efforts, SoundRocket can help. We believe in science-guided practices of questionnaire design, involving stages of qualitative and quantitative development; we also understand the limitations that restrictive research funding causes and are able to adapt our efforts to match the resources available.

Data Collection

Data Collection can be the most time-consuming part of social science research. Managing quality together with timeline, limited resources, and other administrative burdens can take the scientist away from their science. SoundRocket will serve as your general contractor for your data collection efforts—including sample and population surveys (web, mail, phone, in-person), 3rd party data sources, and qualitative interviews. SoundRocket will ensure that related support efforts are also handled expertly—IRBs, data processing, data coding, report generation, and analysis. We provide human expertise in survey methodology, project management, and all forms of study execution.

Web and Self-Administered Surveys

While web-based surveys have become commonplace, we are experts in web-based survey design. While some promote features such as progress indicators in their surveys—we understand the negative consequences of using progress indicators. Self-administered survey design (including web and paper surveys) takes into account questionnaire design, visual design, language, and various psychological concepts to maximize quality in survey research.

Multi-Mode Data Collection

Administration of multi-mode data collection requires significant coordination between study efforts, each with their own unique challenge. We believe in optimizing a study for a single mode to guide big decisions, while adjusting the multi-mode design to maximize quality across all data collection mode efforts. At SoundRocket we can work with web, mobile, telephone, text (SMS), web, paper, mail, or in-person data collections.

Multi-Stage Responsive Designs

We excel at the design and execution of current high-quality responsible designs. With dropping response rates, data collection strategies must address quality directly. It is no longer adequate to simply throw money at increasing response rates blindly without attention to quality metrics. We can help design a data collection strategy that uses multi-stage data collection efforts and sampling to target the efforts to maximize study quality. In the age of personalized medicine, we now practice personalized social science.

User Comprehension Studies

User comprehension studies evaluate how well one understands the content. While the content itself can vary, SoundRocket has developed an expertise in evaluating content intended for health-related reports. High user comprehension is required by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) when marketing Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) genetic tests.

The FDA requires a very high bar of 90% comprehension with DTC genetic tests with key conceptual topics such as test purpose, test limitations, next steps, and any special consideration about the test, as well as the test result.

The SoundRocket User Comprehension Study service uses iterative, interview-based stages to assist in the development and refinement of report contents and user comprehension questionnaire validity with the goal of meeting FDA user comprehension requirements.

SoundRocket has successfully navigated this path with multiple genetic testing partners—resulting in FDA 510k approval. Our user comprehension studies for regulatory purposes are managed in house by our expert team of genetic counselors, survey methodologists and research/data collection specialists.