Custom Survey Research Services for Social Scientists

Conducting social science research is a science in itself.  

At SoundRocket, we develop and deliver innovative, science-guided survey methodology practices and services to the global community of social scientists. We can help with the design, implementation, and even help with analysis and reporting—so you can focus on your larger research agenda.

We have applied our survey logistics expertise to a range of topics for collaborators in academic institutions, non-profit think tanks, government agencies, and innovative, science-loving commercial enterprises. 

Our goal is to support the design and execution of high-quality and defensible research.

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Study Design

Sample Design

Questionnaire Design

Responsive Multi-Stage Studies


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Inclusive Assessible Design

SoundRocket is your go-to research collaborator.

From masters in the field of survey methodology and data science to programmers and data collection specialists, our employees span a wide geography and decades of experience in topics that are relevant for your studies.

Take advantage of our expertise in questionnaire design, sampling, survey development and testing, qualitative research methods (cognitive interview, focus groups, etc.), data collection, and data reporting for your next research endeavor.

Common mistakes in study implementation


Not collecting the required data to test your hypotheses


Biases and errors: sample coverage, leading questions, incomplete responses, usability problems, out-of-date terminology


Processing errors: coding processes, data editing & validation, weighting errors, etc. which impact the analysis and interpretation of the data


Losing the study’s purpose during implementation


Lack of documentation and transparency, reduced likelihood that study will be repeated or cited

We routinely hear the statement: This is not rocket science – we can handle it on our own. And we agree—it is not rocket science. It involves the study of humans, which is much more complex than the highly predictable science of rocketry.

So why reach out to us for survey research services?


We are:

  • an experienced team of survey professionals, ready to collaborate now
  • skilled in navigating the grant process with NIH and NSF (including budget development, study design, etc.)

Custom Collaboration

We provide:

  • options for fully customizable surveys, ability to tweak any and every aspect
  • support for one-time or longitudinal data collections, as needed

Data Collection Support

We have:

  • the capacity for 24/7/365 support in data collection and management
  • experts in a wide range of data collection methods, including web surveys and focus groups

Data Quality and Privacy


We’ve mastered:

  • sample integrity and data reporting
  • Confidential and/or anonymous data collection

Responsive Design and High Response Rates


We use:

  • responsive design for quality and efficiency
  • proven methods for improving response rates

Think you could benefit from the help of survey research consultants? Let’s chat!

SoundRocket collaborators include…

Scientists and researchers conducting social science research

Colleges and universities, academics, professors, graduate researchers

Private research firms, government agencies or non-profit organizations

Professional academic organizations

Early scientists running campus climate surveys

Early career scientist support

We support very early career scientists! Recent Ph.D. or Masters level graduates, current graduate students, or even ambitious undergraduate students in need of expert survey methodology support for a social science study are encouraged to reach out. We have found a variety of mechanisms to support such early career scientists work in the social sciences. We would love to meet you and collaborate!.