9 Reasons Why I Work in Survey Research

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Social Science Business

Anyone who has been in the field of survey research knows how difficult it is to explain to friends and family what exactly it is we do.  I have gotten so caught up with this question sometimes that I forget to consider why I do it – which in its own way helps answer the what question.

So here is why I do survey research:

  1. I like to ask people questions and listen to their responses.
  2. I love learning a little about a lot of different topics.  (In what other field could you be included in publications that range from the topics of vulvodynia to fourth grade alcohol and tobacco use?)
  3. I can directly apply most of what I do in survey research – and learn each day for the rest of my life.
  4. I can step back and look at the forest (society) or dive in close and examine the bark on a single tree (individual behavior) – depending on how I feel each day.
  5. I get to debate things like:  should this measure have a midpoint?  And no matter which way I argue, I am certain to have about 50% support.
  6. I get to apply science (survey research methodology) to the scientific process of my collaborators.
  7. I work on tasks and projects with clear and defined deliverables, providing me with the satisfaction of completion; and I work within the never-ending cycle of the scientific method, always building on previous work.
  8. I get to play with technology.
  9. I work with people who are way smarter than me.

Now, that’s why I do survey research!

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Scott D. Crawford

Scott D. Crawford is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer at SoundRocket. He is also often found practicing being a husband, father, entrepreneur, forever-learner, survey methodologist, science writer & advocate, and podcast lover. While he doesn’t believe in reincarnation, he’s certain he was a Great Dane (of the canine type) in a previous life.