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by | Sep 16, 2019 | Jobs

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Job Description: Research Study Manager

SoundRocket, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based survey research organization is seeing a talented intermediate level Study Manager to join its small and growing team. This mid-level position will be focused on the oversight and management of qualitative and quantitative studies.

The Study Manager role is for someone who is excited about engaging directly in our customer’s research studies, while also managing the work through internal resources, outsource vendors and other collaborators. The Study Manager creates and adheres to the project schedule, serves as a primary point person for the study (internally, and often externally with our customers), and works together with the rest of the team to ensure project success.


  • Minimum: BA/BS Degree

  • Desired: BA/BS in social sciences with significant work experience and/or MA/MS in social sciences

Work Experience:

  • Minimum: 2 years in managing survey projects

  • Desired: 4+ years in managing survey projects

A successful Study Manager must also:

  • Have experience leading research-related projects or project tasks. Management should include some amount of accountability for the project budgets, timeline, and resource prioritization.

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the concepts around questionnaire design and data collection methods.

  • Demonstrate skills in handling survey data or overseeing data processing tasks.

  • Demonstrate an understanding in the specific needs of academic and/or government-funded research studies.

  • Be able to work independently, triage issues for resolution or escalation, and demonstrate an ability to delegate work effectively.

  • Demonstrate strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Be available to travel as needed for work projects.

  • Demonstrate strong writing skills.

Candidates with the following skills and experiences are encouraged to apply:

  • Experiences in research to support regulatory oversight, such as FDA related studies.

  • Experiences in user comprehension studies.

  • Experiences in biological sciences, such as genetics, or in managing studies that include biospecimen collection.

  • Experiences in conducting web-based surveys, mobile surveys, or using technological devices (such as smartwatches and other devices) in survey data collections.

  • Experience in managing customer relationships.

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