SoundRocket Collaboration Leads to Key Publication on Predispositional Genome Sequencing in Healthy Adults

by | Feb 27, 2019 | News

An article just released today in Genome Medical, and available here to download in its entirety, reports on a groundbreaking study of over 650 individuals who have received whole genome sequencing as a predisposition screening tool.

The authors, who are all involved in the PeopleSeq Consortium, represent a collaboration between researchers at SoundRocketBrigham and Women’s HospitalBoston University School of MedicineMiddlebury CollegeIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiIllumina, Inc.; Geisinger National Precision HealthOpen Humans FoundationHarvard Medical SchoolUniversity of VermontBaylor College of MedicineUniversity College LondonMcGill UniversityThe Broad Institute; and Partners Healthcare Personalized Medicine

Tracking those who have received whole genome sequencing with pre-sequencing baseline surveys, followed by 3-month follow-ups has provided a window for how early adopters are using such tests.  The study examines their motivations (98% were curious about their genetic makeup), their concerns (57% had concerns about how predictive the test would actually be, and almost 48% were concerned about the privacy of the information), and how the results have had an impact on their behavior.  Approximately 8 months after receiving their results, only a little over 13% acted on the information provided with a healthcare provider, and less than 10% changed diet, exercise, or insurance coverage. And very few (under 3%) regretted the decision to have the test done.

SoundRocket assisted in the design and implementation of this study, and Scott Crawford of SoundRocket assisted in reviewing drafts of the article.  

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