Individual Guiding Principle Series: Principle 2 – Group Authority

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Business Leadership

This post is a continuation of the in-depth exploration and evolution of our guiding principles, kicked off with an overview of them all, and expanded upon recently with a deep dive into Principle 1, we now turn to the second principle: group authority.

Principle 2


Groups, guided by these principles have ultimate authority at SoundRocket, as we believe that a unified group taps into a collective power that does not exist when we stand alone.

There is nothing that saps creativity, problem solving, desire to contribute, and enjoyment of work more than an overpowering ego directing every piece of what we do.  As the founder of this organization, it was a difficult transition, personally, to go from entrepreneurial dictator to open collaborator – and there are days where it is clear that this transition is not yet complete.

However, founders ego aside, this is why we have these guiding principles.  They guide us all.  When I am faced with a decision, or a room full of odd looks, this principle can help me check that ego, and guide me to make the right call.  While I may not like it when someone challenges my personal authority, I understand that I accept them for doing so – as our first principle, unity, reminds me of the importance of being together.  Today I am convinced that we will all be better off if we act as a group.

Time and time again I have learned that our best decisions, our best roads travelled, and our most creative solutions have all emerged from a group.  It is for this reason that we are an organization – and not a single person consultancy.

We strive to carry this approach beyond the walls here at SoundRocket.  We embrace every customer and collaborator in this same way.  Together we can be greater than the sum of our parts.  Through our group, we can step above blame, above finger pointing, and we can learn.  Together, we can learn through the scientific method – including perspectives that we had never considered until recently.

Without group authority, there is no scientific replication.  Without group authority, there is no multi-disciplinary approach.  Without group authority, there is no longevity.  When we act as a group, we go home feeling like we belong to something.  With that belonging, it is easier to find a balance at home and in our personal lives as well.

When I don’t act with the group, I sit up at night plotting how I am going to “prove” my value the next day.  The internal speak screams:  Oh, I should’ve said this… Ug, if only he would do that… Why don’t they seem to like me?!

When I practice this principle – I find I sleep well.

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Scott D. Crawford is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer at SoundRocket. He is also often found practicing being a husband, father, entrepreneur, forever-learner, survey methodologist, science writer & advocate, and podcast lover. While he doesn’t believe in reincarnation, he’s certain he was a Great Dane (of the canine type) in a previous life.