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Find out what a survey methodology and questionnaire design company (that’s us!) is doing at RAPS Convergence 2021. 

SoundRocket’s team of experts can help you meet the FDA’s rigorous expectations for user and label comprehension studies. We can help you with any consumer or healthcare provider facing study.

Our team of survey methodologist experts and in-house genetic counselors are ready to help!

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Join us at our RAPS Convergence talk:

 Do You Have a Survey Methodologist on Your User Experience Team? 

A case study in user comprehension with a genetic health risk test report.

Monday, September 13, 2021
1:30 PM – 2:15 PM EDT

Regulations may ask you to discuss potential study bias, account for errors due to loss to follow-up, and to follow questionnaire design principles to avoid bias in your data collection. All user experience studies should engage with a trained survey methodologist to ensure your studies are defensible. Survey methodologists can help you with naïve participant recruitment, participant study engagement, data collection mode, questionnaire design, and analysis in a way that allows you to demonstrate that you have paid attention to and reduced potential bias. 

In our presentation, we will share our experience applying these principles to genetic health risk tests and how these principles can be applied to a wide range of other types of products as well, such as saliva collection kits, label comprehension studies, or even non-regulated elements of your products.

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