What we do

Take advantage of our expertise in study design, questionnaire design, sample design, sampling, survey development & testing, survey methodology, qualitative research methods (cognitive interview, focus groups, etc.), data collection (all modes and methods), and data reporting for your next research endeavor.

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With extensive experience in survey methodology consulting, SoundRocket are experts in survey implementation and consulting.

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Custom Social Science Research

We value high quality science, and provide customized study implementation on your behalf, so you can focus on the science.

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Study Management

Delivering dedicated Study Management for research entities around the world, specializing in both multi-stage complex and simple studies.

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Higher Education Studies

Collaborating on large-scale standardized research studies, led by scientific research teams at higher education institutions.
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Regulatory Compliance Studies

Federal Regulatory Compliance; Carrier Screening, Genetic Health Risk, Pharmacogeneitcs and Cancer Predisposition tests.
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Early Career Scientist Support

Recent Ph.D. graduate, current grad student, or ambitious undergraduates - we want to help you learn survey methodology.