Social Science Research Project Management

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Dedicated project Management

Get the benefits of a professional project management team without the commitment of full-time hires.

Flexible Engagements

We offer flexible engagements that adapt to your unique research needs. Our scalable services range from task or phase consultations to managing full-scale projects, making us your versatile research partner

Born in Higher Education

We were founded through extensive collaboration with educational institutions. And we bring that academic rigor and scholarly finesse to every project we handle.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of institutions on social science research projects over the past 20 years

We bring academic rigor and scholarly finesse to every project we handle.

Trained Project Managers

Our project management professionals are trained in standard project management practices. We encourage and support our staff in acquiring new training and a variety of related certifications.

Stable, Long-Term Team

We are a stable, long-term team with decades of collective experience under our belts. Our continuity ensures a seamless execution of your project and builds a relationship of trust and understanding in a highly custom environment.

Institutional Expertise

Our team is rich in institutional expertise, having navigated the nuances of diverse academic institutions and research settings, coupled with the autonomy of a lead Principal Investigator. This makes us uniquely equipped to support your specific needs.

A sample of social scientists we have worked with…

Sean Esteban McCabe, PhD

University of Michigan School of Nursing

Dr. Katrina Wade-Golden

Associate Vice Provost, Deputy Chief Diversity Officer
University of Michigan

Robert Green MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine (Genetics)
Harvard Medical School

Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas

Professor of Education
University of Virginia

Toben Nelson, PhD

Professor University of Minnesota School of Public Health

David Lubinski, PhD

Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Psychology
Co-Director, Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY) Investigator, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development Vanderbilt University

We are your general contractor for your social science research projects.

Project Management

Our expertise ranges from study design to data collection, analysis, and reporting.


We help create robust research design, including meticulous study protocols and related materials. Our approach is attuned to simple studies, as well as complex responsive multi-stage studies. We are experts in inclusive and accessible designs.

Study Design
Questionnaire Design
Responsive Multi-stage Studies
Inclusive Accessible Design

Data Collection

We facilitate multi-modal data collection, embracing web, paper/mail, telephone, and live televideo interviews. Our diversity in data collection methods caters to various respondent preferences and enhances response rates and overall data quality.

Live Televideo Interview

Other Services

Our suite of services extends beyond project management and data collection. We can also provide technical expertise through our in-house or collaborative expert networks. Expertise includes sampling, data weighting, thorough testing, comprehensive reporting, and insightful analysis to drive your research success.


We have an extensive network of trusted partners to solve your unique challenges

When needed, we leverage our expansive network of trusted collaborators to address your unique research challenges. With their support, we can offer specialized expertise and innovative solutions, tailored to enhance the success of your social science projects. We have often introduced researchers in ways that have resulted in lifelong research partnerships outside of our involvement.

We will engage with you using a finely-tuned process to guarantee your study’s success

1. Develop Study Protocol

In our first step, we collaborate to develop a comprehensive study protocol, establishing a solid foundation for your project that guides us, as well as your team even after our collaboration is complete.

2. Build a Plan

Next, we leverage our experience and your unique needs to create a robust and realistic project plan and schedule. This guides every subsequent step, ensuring we stay on track and target.

3. Execute

With a clear plan, we move into action. We meticulously carry out each detail of the plan, bringing your study from concept to reality. Your hypotheses turn into scientific data.

4. Monitor and Adapt

Throughout the execution phase, we continuously monitor progress and make necessary adjustments while staying true to the Study Protocol. This agility allows us to navigate any unexpected challenges and minimize bias.