Social Science Podcast Review: The Measure of Everyday Life

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You may have seen my recent post about my favorite social science related podcasts.  In it I asked readers to tell me about their favorites.  One reader, David Roe, pointed me towards one that I had not yet found – the Measure of Everyday Life.  It is a production of WNCU Public Radio and is hosted by Brian Southwell.

THE MEASURE OF EVERYDAY LIFE Stories from Social Science

Typical Length:  30 minutes New Episodes:  Weekly (Wednesday) Historical Library on iTunes:  71 I love it.  While Brian’s pace can be a bit slow at times, the topics covered span a wide range of academic fields – but his guests are not all academics themselves.   He gets the experts, certainly, but he also approaches  the very practical hands-on side of social science.  In one episode, he talks with two researchers who are involved in implementing global research studies – and the conversation focuses on the practical aspects of how that is done in challenging cultural and political contexts. In the most recent release (titled Resilience), he dives into the topic of adverse childhood experiences – not through simply reporting research done on the topic – but by having a conversation with filmmaker James Redford about his recent documentary called Resilience, on the “biology of stress & the science of hope”. I’m an immediate fan – and am grateful for the suggestion from David that I check this one out.  I didn’t want to wait to share it with the rest of you. Do you have another favorite that you would like to see reviewed in the future?  Submit your favorite in the form below, and look for a future list/compilation of podcasts that are submitted!
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