Building bridges between social science stakeholders.

Understanding human behavior—individually and in groups—drives our curiosity, our purpose, and our science. We are experts in social science research

We see the study of humans as an ongoing negotiation between multiple stakeholders: scientists, research funders, academia, corporations, and study participants.

What we do

Take advantage of our expertise in study design, questionnaire design, sample design, sampling, survey development & testing, survey methodology, qualitative research methods (cognitive interview, focus groups, etc.), data collection (all modes and methods), and data reporting for your next research endeavor.

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With extensive experience in survey methodology consulting, SoundRocket are experts in survey implementation and consulting.

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Custom Social Science Research

We value high quality science, and provide customized study implementation on your behalf, so you can focus on the science.

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Study Management

Delivering dedicated Study Management for research entities around the world, specializing in both multi-stage complex and simple studies.

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Higher Education Studies

Collaborating on large-scale standardized research studies, led by scientific research teams at higher education institutions.

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Regulatory Compliance Studies

With in-house experts in genetics, health communication, and survey science, we specialize in rigorous user or label comprehension studies for FDA 510K submissions. 

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Early Career Scientist Support

Recent Ph.D. graduate, current grad student, or ambitious undergraduates - we want to help you learn survey methodology.

From the Launchpad


What is a DEI Survey?

What is a DEI Survey?

Simply put, the purpose of a diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI study is to examine the lived experiences, perceptions, and attitudes of students, faculty, and staff on a university or college campus. DEI surveys may ask about personal experiences with...

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What is a Label Comprehension Study?

What is a Label Comprehension Study?

Label comprehension studies test how well a typical consumer can understand the labeling for an over-the-counter (i.e., non-prescription) drug or medical device. The labeling may include the product box or the instructions for use found inside the package. The idea is...

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