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Research Wonder: Group Science or Puffs of Insanity?

Rarely a day passes without me saying (or hearing someone else say), “I wonder how this may impact data quality,” or, “I wonder why we keep doing it this way,” or my favorite, “I wonder if anyone else has wondered this too!

I have seen the power of the scientific method.  I have seen that ideas can grow and expand, and how they usually twist and turn.  I know that science is not linear.

So it is time for me to spin off my little wonderments to the world…

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Six Common Mistakes in Survey Research

Survey research is a part of the scientific process – and even a science on its own.  So why do researchers abandon the science when they implement their studies?  An astronomer would not go to the hobby store to buy a telescope to study the galaxy.  A geneticist would never purchase non-sterile test tubes from an unknown source to capture saliva samples from research subjects.  So why do social scientists routinely treat their own data collection tools this way?   

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